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Neck Pain Management

Neck Pain Management with our Chiropractor in Federal Way, WA

woman with her hand on her neck from neck pain, thinking about neck pain management from Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness in Federal Way, WA

Neck pain interferes with all your daily joys. Our health team understands the discomfort, frustration and limited mobility that come from neck pain. If you are dealing with neck pain from an auto accident, sports injury, overuse injury or from general wear and tear, Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center provides natural treatment options for neck pain. Our chiropractor in Federal Way, Dr. Alison Scholes, believes in your body's ability to eliminate pain and restore range of motion. This occurs when your spine is positioned in a healthy and strong alignment. We achieve this through chiropractic adjustments that eliminate nerve pressure, reduce muscular imbalances and keep you free of neck pain.

Neck Pain Services with our Federal Way Chiropractor

Dr. Scholes uses a variety of techniques to care for your neck pain. After your initial evaluation with our Federal Way chiropractor, you will receive a chiropractic care plan for neck pain relief. Your personalized chiropractic care program is designed to remove the cause of your neck pain, not cover up your symptoms. Dr. Scholes identifies the issue whether it is whiplash, poor posture, a spinal abnormality or muscular imbalance that contributes to your neck pain. Then, she develops a pain management approach that will bring you an immediate reduction in your symptoms along with long-lasting relief. Some of the techniques that may be included in your neck pain relief care plan include:

Chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Scholes uses manual adjustments to position the vertebrae of your  neck and back to eliminate neck pain. She uses the Diversified technique as a series of adjustments to position your spine into a healthy alignment. Our Federal Way chiropractor may also use the Torque Release technique which may include forceful manual adjustments or those performed with a small tool for precision accuracy. All of your adjustments are gentle and you will feel the improvements in your neck's range of motion. 

Massage therapy

Massage therapy helps to eliminate muscle tension and avoid the build up of scar tissue. Our massage therapist kneads the muscles in your neck and upper back to alleviate your pain and improve your mobility.

Lifestyle guidance

Our health team works with you to identify daily triggers that may contribute to your neck pain. These may be the height of your computer, the pillow you use, the position of your car seat or the way you read. We show you ways to improve your posture throughout the day to eliminate neck pain. 

Nutritional therapy

What you put in your body may increase your pain, so our team teaches you foods to avoid that may increase pain and inflammation. 

Corrective Exercises

Our health staff identifies exercises that will restore your mobility and decrease your pain.

Visit our Federal Way Chiropractor Today

Our neck pain relief chiropractic treatment options use a variety of approaches to restore your health. If you are struggling with neck pain and want immediate and lasting relief, please contact us today at (253) 946-4524.



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