I am Dr. Allison Scholes, chiropractor at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Tacoma. I have been practicing in the Federal Way/Des Moines area since 2011.  Prior to that I worked as a fitness instructor and aquatics coordinator at CoxHealth--The Meyer Center in Missouri where I grew up.  There, I worked with individuals to improve their physical health either through post-rehabilitation programs or general fitness.  While working there I had begun to develop neck and back issues.  My usual solution was to try and "exercise it out".  Finally, I realized that I needed more than that and was referred to a chiropractor.  The results were incredible--my energy level skyrocketed, the musculoskeletal issues were gone, and my body became healthier overall.  Wanting to add to my career, I began to pursue chiropractic.

I graduated in 2011 from the University of Western States in Portland, OR.  I also obtained a bachelors degree in health and wellness from Missouri State University in 2003.

 The primary focus of my practice is on improving the function of the nervous system.  Taking a "whole-person" approach, I understand that there are many facets to being well; and that health is an on-going journey, not a race to the finish. My passion is women's health, preconception care, prenatal chiropractic and pediatric chiropractic care; however the best day is when I can take care of the whole family--including dads and grandparents!  Integration is key in today's health system, and I work closely with other health professionals to ensure that my patients get the most comprehensive care available.

In my down-time,  I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, walking my dogs, volunteering in my community and spending time with my husband, Tyson, daughter Emma and baby boy Jamison.  I am inspired by nature and it's ability to adapt and achieve balance; I try to incorporate this concept in my practice.  


I am Elissa Aspuria, massage therapist at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Tacoma. I was initially drawn to massage therapy for personal reasons. Struggling with mental health as a young adult I was looking for healthy ways to cope with the stressors of life, this is when I discovered massage. Through massage therapy I have been able to heal many different aspects of myself and this is my hope for others as well.  I am truly honored to be a part of my clients' healing process through body work. I believe that massage has the power to help us in a holistic way by working on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

I work with each person individually to customize the massage session to their needs and desired outcomes. I prefer to combine modalities to meet the unique needs of every client, some of the techniques  you will find me using include Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, all wrapped up with general relaxation techniques.  I am also trained in injury treatment whether it was sustained due to stress, or an accident.  My training an experience includes prenatal massage.   As a therapist I am constantly learning new methods and modalities to add to my massage tool kit so I can best serve my clients, but also because I find my work deeply fascinating and rewarding.

I am a graduate of Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics here in Tacoma, Washington. In my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, doing yoga, exploring the outdoors, or simply curling up with a good book. 

I am Sherry McCallum I am in charge of billing. I enjoy being apart of this Thrive Family & interacting with our patients. I am a wife, mother & grandma. When I  am not working I enjoy spending time with my family.


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