Okay, so as I have been keeping up with the coronavirus frenzy I realized we are so focused on not spreading the virus that no one is talking about how to keep the immune system strong and healthy!

So here are a few tips to help keep you and your littles’ immune system strong during this uncertain time.

1. Shed the stress. Oh baby, as a recovering germophobe it is so hard for me not to stress about this. Washington State is kind of a hot zone for this virus right now…BUT stress is the BEST way to TANK your immune system. So do your best to breathe and know that you can do a lot to keep your family healthy.

2. Get rest! A paper from Nature Reviews Neuroscience reports “Good sleep is necessary for physical and mental health. For example, sleep loss impairs immune function, and sleep is altered during infection.”So make sure you are getting good quality sleep. If you aren’t check out our blog post on sleep.

3. Eat your vitamins. Ugh I am a bagel junkie😋..yes, a chiropractor who has been in the wellness field since 1999, just admitted to being hooked on bagels.

Here is how I approach nutrition. I make it my JOB every day to eat a high ratio of nutrient per calorie. In other words, if I succumb to the bagel goddess in the morning I (first love myself anyway) make sure to load up on green leafies, organic fruit (yes I know those are carbs <insert rant on low-carb fruit fear>), and other sources of phytonutrients from plants to ensure I get plenty of nutrients for the day.

4. Get insurance. Not the sick care kind. I’m talking about vitamins. Take a good WHOLE FOOD vitamin which has better bio-availability than those made in a lab.

  • Load up on vitamin C (I prefer ester-c)

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin D

  • Elderberry (if safe for you)

  • Echinacea (Watch for allergy, and not during pregnancy!)

  • Selenium

For more information on dosages, safety and appropriateness of these supplements, speak to your holistic provider (chiropractor, naturopath, MD, etc.).

5. Get checked! Several studies suggest that chiropractic adjustments to the spine can actually boost at least part of the immune system. How cool is that? We also know that if the brain isn’t focused on problems in the spine, other joints and chronic inflammation issues; it is able to work more efficiently with the body on learning about and fighting these nasty critters.

Of course we should wash our hands, stay home if sick, etc. However, please don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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