Mommy Neck

So this is my neck. You might be thinking…uh, she is a Chiropractor (hopefully in a surprised, not judgy tone). My neck is one of the primary reasons I became a chiropractor!

Just like many others, I had neck damage early in life. Add that to poor posture while growing, questionable lifestyle in my 20s, looking down at practice member’s spines all day, ANNNNNND MOMMY NECK!

Mommy neck…what’s that? Well it is what happens to the neck when we grow a baby, push a baby out (or in my case attempt to), feed the baby, scroll through our phone while pumping, sleep with the baby, look down at the baby, clean up after the baby….get it now?

I’ve seen it time and time again. The upper back and neck pain sets in within the first few weeks of post-partum. That gnawing tension, sometimes sharp pain, immobility, tingling, even headaches. It can make motherhood that much more difficult and hard to enjoy.

This week we are going to give you tips on how to prevent mommy neck! The first tip is….make sure your chiropractor is included in your post-partum care!

Post-partum care isn’t just getting your first and 6 week checkup after the baby is born. It is how you help your body recover from this extraordinary physical stress it has been through—by the way, the physical and physiological stress that the body undergoes during pregnancy, birth and post-partum can take up to two years to fully recover from!

Mommy neck can cause a reduced spinal curve in the neck, or worsen one that is already reduced! A reduced curve in the neck puts you on the fast track to disc and joint degeneration sometimes called (catch-all) arthritis! It can lead to all kinds of pain, headaches, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, etc. As if being a mom isn’t already challenging in this world.

When the head is chronically forward, looking down, or when the spine loses its curve in this region it is extremely stressful for the brain. It can cause abnormal tension on the meninges that cover the nervous system and wreak havoc on the rest of the spine.

I have practice members that complain of low back pain that just won’t go away no matter what they do, and almost all of them have a reduced cervical curve. Once the curve is addressed the low back pain often diminishes!

Give us a call if for more information on how our gentle and effective techniques can help you improve your neck mechanics, joints, and overall nervous system function!

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