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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Okay mamas! It’s that dreaded time of year again….DAYLIGHT SAAAAVINGS 😖

I have a 6 year old and 10 month old, and I am sweating it. I swear my 10 month-old is already feeling it…he has been waking up earlier and earlier. My

daughter did the same thing when she was a baby! They are so very connected to the rhythms of the earth and of life in general it’s…..effing exhausting.

So maybe this is your first time battling this…maybe you didn’t even realize the time was coming up; or perhaps you simply didn’t know about this dreaded time in motherhood and Thrive is saving your @$$ by giving you a heads up (we like to think we are superheros!) Here are some tips:

If you have a flexible schedule these are for you…if not, scroll down!

1) Relax and go with the flow. If they go to bed at 6:30 they will likely go at 7:30 when the time changes and might be a little bit fussy for a week or so. The good news is that they will likely wake up later in the mornings! Woot!

2) Keep to your bedtime routine as best you can. If you are sleep training, try not to falter during this time (it is sooooo hard so I get it if your babe ends up in bed with you out of sheer survival).

3) Black-out curtains are a MUST!!!

4) Do your best to get extra sleep (what’s that?) over the next few days to make sure you aren’t entering this time in sleep debt! This means you might have to forgo your plans of re-watching Fleabag (because it’s hilarious) in order to escape your own reality…ahem, I mean you know everyone does that right?

If you NEED/want your child to stay as close to their current schedule as they can you need to start this TODAY.

1) Start putting them to bed 10-15 minutes earlier every night, this will allow them to have an easier transition. If you read this and it’s too late to start early, you can do this even after the time changes until you get them to the time you desire.

2) Start waking them up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning until you are close to what time you want them up when the time changes.

3) SEE STEPS 1-4 in the previous section! Try to go with the flow as best you can. Stressed out parent=stressed out baby. They are little empaths that soak up your emotions so be mindful and take the best care of yourself as you can.

General tips for keeping yourself and your babes healthy during this transition time.

Lack of sleep tanks the immune system...hard!

· Be sure to eat as clean as possible, get lots of fruits and leafies! (PS...fruit is not the enemy).

· Take your vitamins (whole food preferred) and some extra vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc in order to give you any nutrients that you aren’t getting from food.

· Take rest, meditation, and white space time when you can.

· Get your nervous system/spine checked and get adjusted by your chiropractor. When the brain is stressed because the spine isn’t moving properly, the immune system can weaken! Dr. Allison specializes in family chiropractic and pediatric chiropractic; and provides gentle care for the whole family!

· Finally, get help where you can. Asking for help is a HUGE form of self-care.

You’ve got this; and if you don’t that is normal too! I was blind-sided by the time change. Know that you are supported and that you are NOT ALONE!

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