When do I start?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I am commonly asked when is the best time to start pre-natal chiropractic care. The honest answer is prior to conception. The best case scenario is at least three months prior to conceiving your babe.

SOS I'm Pregnant!!

Pregnancy is a HUGE change to a body. Although a very natural process; in today's modern society...we are quite unnatural in our daily living. We sit longer and have more mental stress than we every have in the course of humanity...oh, and did I mention smartphones and "tech-neck"?

Our bodies are already under stress before these changes even begin.

Pregnancy Chiropractic care is designed to help your body adapt, heal, repair, and regenerate from the stressors (physical, chemical, emotional) that are eating away at our body's ability to heal. In my experience, women who seek chiropractic care even as late as the 2nd trimester have a better chance at an easier pregnancy and birth than those who come in at 37 weeks desperate to turn a breech baby. By the time you are at 3rd trimester, the ligamentous, muscular, and neurological patterns have set in and are quite stubborn. The baby's rapid growth on top of a stressed out mama make it difficult to get things to loosen up in time.

Does that mean you are too late in the third trimester??? NO WAY! Every....adjustment...counts! I have seen amazing things happen in the 11th hour (aka 37+ weeks!).

Babies know what they are doing; and barring any physical restrictions they will get head down. The bottom line is...start your care as soon as you can--the earlier the better. Get checked by a pelvic floor therapist. Move your body now, and avoid stress and fear later.

Much love mama, Dr. A

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